Ben Chill

These monsters need professional help. Unfortunately, they've come to you instead.
Why would you want to live anywhere else?
Take a walk through time and discover a rich cultural heritage you never knew existed
Race among the clouds and claim as many squares as your own!
Nature conquers all in the end.
Together, we are one
Race against the ever-speeding camera, collecting points in this fast paced platformer
This is just a leisurely walk through the forest. The perfect way to spend your day. Continue on with your normal life.
Short game made for a 30 minute Twine Jam
Not everything is what it seems in Flump Town.
The ending scene of Citizen Kane... In a Citizen Game

Games That I Have Worked On

Congratulations, you are dead!
An experiment gone awry. An archipelago in the British countryside. Man-hunting robots. Tea and biscuits…
Grab your pardners and get ready to yeeHAWWW
2 player bird madness! Jump on the other players head to kill them, get three kills and you win!
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