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A Gentleman’s Adventure is a visual novel game that follows the adventures of Sir, a gentlemanly scientist whose teleportation device has gone terribly wrong. 

Follow Sir as he dodges tweed-wearing robotic invaders on his search to repair his broken device and return home. Assisting Sir is Mr. Walters, his ever faithful (if not rather blasé) butler, and Barmstick, the optimistic sole survivor of the mechanical massacre. Journey alongside these characters in this dark humoured game, and uncover the mysteries of the island as you struggle to reach the safety of home. Perhaps there may even be time to fit in a good cup of tea!

A Gentleman's Adventure  is based on Sir, You Are Being Hunteda first-person game based on stealth and survival created by Big Robot.

This game is the refined version of  A Gentleman's Adventure by Rootin' Tootin', with less buggy puzzles, and more streamlined narrative. 

Install instructions

Be sure to play this with a steaming cup of tea and a plateful of biscuits for the maximum experience.


A Gentleman's Adventure (Windows) 65 MB
A Gentleman's Adventure (Mac) 70 MB

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